Tips to choose the best mattress for back pain

The wrong choice of mattress worsens the back and spinal pain. Poor quality mattresses don’t provide the necessary support and comfort required after a long day. This results in bad sleeping postures which causes the muscles to strains. In the worst cases, it causes the misalignment of the spine which is the biggest reason for the lower back pain. The spinal cord has three main curves namely, C-shaped cervical spine, C-shaped thoracic spine, and C-shaped lumbar spine. Maintaining a proper alignment of all these curves is mandatory. If you do not take care of the alignment, you would be inviting severe back problems. The quality of sleep is also affected when the mattress fails to offer sleep comfort. A good quality mattress must provide adequate back support and comfort to an individual. Thus the spine is allowed to rest peacefully and all kinds of back pain are alleviated. There are many best mattresses for back pain in the market. However, selecting the right mattress can be complicated. Here are some of the tips you must follow to get the best mattress for back pain. High-quality mattresses ensure the person sleeps comfortably and relieves back pain.

  • There isn’t any single mattress which is suited for all kinds of people with low back pain. Different mattresses give different results for people. This implies the personal preference and requirements of an individual. What may work for a person may not necessarily work for the other person. People suffering from low back pain must select the mattress which offers them support and comfort. If you get a sound sleep on a particular mattress, it can be considered the best mattress for your back pain.
  • In order to buy the best mattress for back pain, you must ask about the physical components of the mattress. Mattresses have a varying number of coils along with the specific arrangement. The inner coils and springs provide strength to the mattress. Mattresses have different thickness of padding on the top. Good mattresses generally have the depth of seven to eight inches. You must inquire about the mattress depth, type of padding, and the number of coils to buy the best mattress for back pain.
  • A high-grade mattress must offer adequate support for correct alignment of the spinal cord. Always buy a mattress which delivers proper back support. Good amounts of back support prevent the occurrence of muscle soreness in the body. Studies reveal that the medium-firm mattresses are the best mattress for back pain and deliver better results as compared to the firm mattresses.
  • Change the mattress when it gets too old. You must know when you should have a new mattress. Prolonged use of mattress may cause it to sag. The comfort levels can be compromised. Thus it is high time to buy a new mattress. You may place boards under the sagging mattress and continue its usage. However, you must know it’s time to change the mattress.
  • There must be an adequate balance between comfort and back support. Along with the back support, you must equally feel comfortable when sleeping on the mattresses. If you sleep on an extremely firm mattress, it can exert pressure on the joints and even cause a backache. Therefore it is advised to sleep on a medium-firm mattress which is more comfortable. The hips and shoulders must sink for a healthy sleeping posture. You can even get greater comfort with thick padding levels on the firm mattress.
  • The ideal mattress must, therefore, not be too soft or too hard. It must deliver the adequate comfort levels and relief for back pain.
    If you suffer from some kind of backache, you must consult the backache specialist. They will recommend you the best mattress which would effectively help you get rid of back pain.
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