Tips for choosing the right HDTV for your living room

A living room needs to be that comfortable space in your house where your entire family can relax and entertain themselves. The right television in your living room can add a nice touch to your room while helping you bond with your family over movies, games etc. The best televisions these days are the High Definition viewing TVs which give you detailed and clear viewing.There are a lot of different variations of HDTVs in the market depending on the brands, specifications, costs etc. which can get very confusing to the common buyer. So, to make it easier for you, here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing an HD television for your living room.

This is a very important point to keep in mind when shopping for any electronics. Once you have your budget in place, it is important to note that you cannot pick the best television simply based on its price. While branded televisions do provide great quality at very high prices, there are a lot of other slightly cheaper brands that provide the same quality which will fit your budget. The best time to purchase televisions and other home electronics and appliances is during seasonal, festive and year-end sales. This is when a lot brands such as Samsung televisions offer reduced prices and extra discounts on certain credit card companies.

Living Room Size
The size of the TV highly depends on the size of your living room and the viewing distance while sitting. If your living room is small and consists of a lot of furniture such as a dining table, a huge book shelf etc., chances are you have very limited space. In such a situation, choose Samsung televisions which is up to 40 inches screen size considering you are seated 4-6 feet from the television set. If you have a bigger room and the sitting distance is around 7-10 feet, then you easily pick any of the Samsung televisions which have a 50-60 inches screen sizes.

Viewing Angles in the Room
While you have calculated the viewing distance of the television depending on your living room size, viewing angles are another point to consider when choosing an HDTV. The TV should be placed at a height where it is parallel to your eyes so that you don’t end up straining your eyes while watching TV. If the TV is placed at a wrong height or if you are at a sharp angle to the HDTV, chances are that you might see all negatives images similar to a photographer’s negative photo reel. The user’s manual usually has the ideal viewing angle, distance etc. mentioned so ensure you refer to it when installing your television. The TV installation technician can further help you in the right placement of your TV.

Screen Resolution and Size
It is important to note that the importance of screen resolution increases with the larger sizes of Samsung televisions HDTV screens. 720p resolutions is sufficient and works perfectly for an HDTV which is 40 inches or smaller. If you are purchasing an HDTV of 50 inches screen or larger, you will need a 1080p resolution. There are certain HDTVs with 1080p resolution that are also known as full HD televisions. These offer 1920 by 1080 pixels. Full HD is best for video gaming, watching Blu-ray movies and if you have a proper HD cable connection for watching every day series.

These are the few basic tips that will help you choose the right HDTV for your house. Do remember to keep all the warranty cards, boxes and documents in place in case you need to exchange or replace the product.

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