Things to consider when opting for stackable washers and dryers

Things to Consider when Opting for Stackable Washers and Dryers

A washer and dryer is an important element for your home. These machines help you take care of the laundry and are necessities. These washers and dryers are available in different price ranges depending on the features.

You don’t always have to spend a bomb to own a decent washer and dryer that is able to tackle all your laundry with ease. There are several efficient models even in price ranges under USD 750.

When buying a washer and dryer set, one obvious crossroad is when you decide whether you want stackable washers and dryers, side by side ones, or combos. Here are some factors you can consider when opting for stackable washers and dryers.

Space availability

Consider the space available in your laundry area. Stackable washers and dryers do not take much of the floor space but need height clearance for them to be placed one on top of the other. If you have cabinets that do not allow for the washer and dryer to be stacked together and not enough space for side by side units, then you will have to consider the cost of getting the cabinets removed.

If you are opting for stackable washers and dryers, you should be aware of finding fewer upgrades as compared to the side by side units where you have the option of choosing both top loading and front loading machines, unlike the stackable units where you can only have front loading machines.

Stackable washers and dryers help you save space and are ideal for small homes or condos where you may have a restricted laundry area. Also, since these sets work on electricity and not gas, you do not have to be worried about getting an external vent.


Stacked units are not always convenient for those who are short. If you are not very tall, then getting your clothes in and out of the stackable units can be inconvenient especially from the machine placed on top. It can also be inconvenient to reach the controls as well, for the top machine. You will have to consider using a step stool for laundry.

Electricals & plumbing

Also referred to as over/under units, stackable washers and dryers do not have any different power needs and require a 220-volt outlet like other washer and dryer units. If you do not have a 220-volt outlet, you will have to consider the cost of getting one as using adaptors is not recommended. These also do not have any other special plumbing requirements neither do they need any external vents as stackable washers and dryers are electric.


One important factor you need to consider here is your budget and your laundry needs. Stackable units are not as great in capacity as compared to the other units. A stackable unit may cost the same as other units but may not have the capacity as the alternative units. If you do not have a space restriction and have large laundry loads to deal with typically, then a stackable unit may not be ideal. However, if space is a problem and low capacity is not a con that bothers you so much then you can opt for stackable washers and dryers.

To make an informed purchase, make sure you read up about the different models and brands of stackable units available in the market. Compare the prices at different stores and websites to get the best deal for your new stackable washer and dryer. There are plenty of options available in the market in different designs, colors, and price ranges.

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