Six popular antivirus software to choose from

If a computer or laptop is to be protected against virus and other malicious software, an antivirus must be installed. There are a number of antiviruses which can fall into the category of best antivirus. Below are listed some of the 2017 Best Antivirus Software which you should try.

Norton Security Deluxe
Norton, which is one of the best antiviruses was developed in the 90s and is considered to be one of the best selling antiviruses in the market. Ranked among the 2017 Best Antivirus Software, Norton comes in four different variants namely Basic, Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. This antivirus protects the personal computer from virus, spyware, online threats and malware.

Webroot Secure Anywhere
This is another best antivirus in the market and is considered to take a little space to install. This 2017 Best Antivirus Software scans the personal computer at a faster pace and does not slow down other tasks which might be running simultaneously. The antivirus protects the personal computer against viruses, phishing attacks, and other risky websites.

McAfee Total Protection
This is an award-winning 2017 Best Antivirus Software which protects the personal computer against malware, ransomware, virus and other unwanted programs. This antivirus also offers protection for any encrypted files which might be stored in hard drive storage.

This antivirus offers a different level of protection including E-mail protection and internet protection. This antivirus is available for a price of $90 per year for the first year. Password protection, parental control, anti-spam and file lock are some of the innovative features of McAfee total protection.

Kaspersky Internet Security
Kaspersky internet security is known for its simple and clear interface navigation. It protects the personal computer against viruses, spyware, Trojans and internet threats among other things. This antivirus has a cloud-based security feature that protects against threats and malware from the internet. It also prevents against phishing attacks and a person cannot be spied on to by a webcam when Kaspersky internet security is at work. Since this is an internet security suite, it also has a range of features which protect the user against shopping and online banking hacks. Privacy protection, performance optimization, remote management and parental control are some of the other benefits of installing Kaspersky internet security.

Avast Premier Antivirus
It is light antivirus software but has optimal protection and offers complete security to the personal computer in which it might be used. It also has easy to use User Interface which makes it much popular among the users. Avast premier antivirus protects the personal computer against threats, viruses, spyware, ransomware and other phishing attacks. This antivirus updates the virus definition on its own and offers protection from virus and other harmful websites. Antispam, data shredder, remote assistance and personal computer optimization have also been included in Avast premium antivirus which makes it ranks among 2017 Best Antivirus Software.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2017
This is award-winning antivirus software which comes in different editions and protects the personal computer against viruses, spyware, adware, spam and other associated cyber threats. It also has a clean interface, easy to use User Interface and a great user experience. Bitdefender does its work effectively in the backdrop, even when a person might be doing some important work on the personal computer.

Expect features as anti-spam, safe pay, anti-fraud, password manager, firewall, web protection and parental control in Bitdefender internet security 2017 which makes it a popular antivirus for those who decide to use the same.

Choose any of these antivirus protections for your personal computer and ensure a safe online presence.

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