Samsung Galaxy S8- One of the best smartphones of 2017

The market is flooded with smartphones, and choosing the right one can be a tedious task. These smartphones are pitched against each other, and in a bid to outdo the competition, these cell phone companies offer amazing smartphones at an affordable price. To enter the league of 2017’s best smartphones, these phones are attributed splendid features. So, it is natural for you to be confused about which smartphone to buy. Thus, narrowing it down for you, one of the best smartphones of 2017 is the Samsung Galaxy S8. This smartphone looks insanely attractive owing to its sleek design. It is a near-perfect phone churned out by Samsung. It has every feature conceivable to a human mind.

The only reason Samsung Galaxy S8 receives a 9 out of 10 due to its camera and software which isn’t on par with this advanced model that Samsung churned out.However, with a decent battery life, this amazing phone is fairly priced. The charging is as fast compared to the other phones as it can take an hour and a half.

The phone is one of the best phones of 2017 as the phone does not get overheated. The gaming experience on the phone gives is fantastic. The performance of the phone is fast, and it allows you to blaze through everything you want to do.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has infinity display that gives you an incredible full-screen experience that also fits in your hand. Also, it has a 5-8 inch OLED display. Compared to other phones, this phone is smartly engineered since the round, and smooth edges make you want to own the phone. It has a sharp screen with colossal display and high resolution. The sides of the S8 have a seamless feeling. Also, it has switched from the hardware buttons. The functionality of the phone is not compromised, and it is extremely thin. It also has wireless and fast charging. This waterproof phone with its infinity screen display makes it the best smartphone.

The phone has iris scanner in order to protect your most important files. This phone has the home button on the screen that creates an enigmatic full-screen experience. This full-screen phone gives you the experience to work more and multitask on the same screen. Speaking of the interiors, the components are made smaller without making any compromises on the performance on the phone. The infinity display ensures that your user experience is enhanced. It almost feels like you are holding the display. It has a hypnotical effect especially if you are playing games on it.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 gives a whole new way to interact with Bixby. This analysis gets smarter and more intuitive with every use. If you do like something it even helps you analyze the image and provides information without having to type a single world. As Bixby evolves with every use it becomes smarter and shows things you already need without you having to instruct or target search. This gives you the right content just when you need it. Bixby also gives you information on what you are looking at and gives you information that is needed. The Bixby does everything that a google assistant does but it’s just done by Samsung. Bixby has their own button on the side and it also has a google assistant as it has a google assistant as well.

The camera which is 8MP in the front helps you capture perfect selfies by recognizing your face. It will always focus on your face. It takes sharp beautiful pictures in low light. The zoom in feature has become easier with the dual pixel 12 MP rear view mirror. Whenever you find best smartphone deals online, and if this phone happens to be a part of the sale, ensure that you buy it.

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