Mistakes made while shopping for laundry detergent coupons

Having laundry detergent coupons is a great way to save money on a product that you need in your daily routine. Especially, if you are not brand specific, there are some great laundry detergent coupons available both online and also in the Sunday Newspaper Inserts. You can get all your favorite brands like Tide, Wisk, All, Mrs. Meyers, Generation, Seventh, and Cheer, to name a few. For ultimate savings, it is recommended to combine printable laundry detergent coupons along with manufacturers’ coupons and store deals to benefit the most.

People in the U.S collect coupons, save them, organize them in order, to save a few extra bucks while shopping for laundry detergents. Here, are some common mistakes made by shoppers when using coupons. These are:

  • Buying a full-priced item with a coupon – The thumb rule while couponing is to use them for sale. For instance, if you use a coupon which gives $1.00 off on a full-priced liquid detergent estimated at $4.99, you are not saving much. It is best to buy items that are on sale and combine that it with the coupons that you have, to get maximum savings. Wait until the liquid detergent is on sale and use your coupon along. For instance, if the store is running two for $4.00 promotion, i.e., charging $2.00 for one box of the $4.99 detergent, you can buy it by using your coupon and pay $1.00 only for it. By doing this, you augment your savings and get great discounts on the original price.
  • Don’t buy everything that is on sale – Be very careful and don’t get carried away. An item which is generally priced at $2.99 and has a sale price for two pieces at $5.00, isn’t an actual sale. It is always good to be patient and wait for a better or lucrative sale to splurge your hard-earned money. Utilize coupons for items that are heavily discounted; in this way, you can save the most money. Before buying it, determine the price of the discount item along with coupon savings to see if the resulting amount offers a real deal.
  • Being brand devoted – Never stick to one brand. Go for the one that you can get for free or close to free by using your liquid detergent coupons. If you want to save money, you shouldn’t be a brand loyal. For instance, liquid detergent is a necessity, so if you can buy it for free or almost free; don’t care about the brand. Be happy that you can use the extra money for other purposes.
  • Using every coupon – Not all coupons represent real savings. For instance, a coupon for $0.50 off of two TIDE bottles won’t save you much as its only $0.25 off each bottle. Even during a sale, it often happens that the coupon doesn’t serve as a deal breaker. In this case, it’s best to wait for a better laundry detergent coupon and another stellar sale. Also, it is not a rule that you have to use all the coupons, for if the coupons are not money-saving and the discounts or deals are not there, throw the coupon away or let it expire. The ultimate aim of collecting coupons is to have some real deal savings when shopping. Thus, it’s best to pass on deals to friends who need it more. You should wait to buy liquid detergent in bulk until the item is at a discount.
  • Never buy everything – Buy items that you need. For instance, liquid detergent is good enough to clean your daily clothes. Buying softeners and other additives not only adds to your expenditure but most of the times these products are not even used and get expired.
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