Mattress reviews for all best rated brands

Everyone has different requirements when buying a mattress. While for some luxury is more important, for others it’s all about comfort and a good night’s sleep. Shopping for a new mattress requires detailed research and it can sometimes be a painful experience. With a plethora of options, different price range starting from a few dollars to a couple of thousands, buying the best mattress becomes tricky. Mattress reviews are an excellent way that help us with half of the research. These provide right mattress options based on consumer preferences, budget, and several other factors like heat retention, odor, etc. The following mattress reviews throw light on the specifications of the most preferred mattresses along with their price, height, material and warranty period.

Casper mattress
Casper tops the mattress review list as it has become one of the most popular mattresses. This mattress comes with a little bounce and offers firmness along with comfort. It allows you to sleep cool with its excellent motion transfer capability. Casper mattresses also provide proper edge support along with well-supported feel that most people love in memory foam. Some of the popular features in Casper mattress have been listed below.

• Price – $950
• Firmness – 6 medium firm
• Type – Foam
• Materials – memory foam, Polyfoam
• Height – 9.5″
• Warranty – 10 Years

Tuft & Needle
Tuft & Needle are known for its thinness that is designed such that they improve the cooling ability of the mattress. This thinness allows the sleepers to be in close contact with the foam layers as against the old-style quilted padded covers, which create additional softness and ensures immediate pressure relief. What brings them to the top mattress review list has been listed below.

• Price – $750
• Firmness – 6 – Medium Firm
• Type – Foam
• Materials -Polyfoam
• Height – 10″
• Warranty – 10 Years

A range of ultra-premium mattress, Saatva is made with foam covered coils. Saatva’s multi-layer coil-on-coil arrangement integrates individually wrapped coils, memory foam, with a sleek Euro-style pillow top ensuring a comfortable sleep. Offering great resilience, Saatva is available with three firmness options, including luxury firm, plush soft, and firm. This is another product that ranks high up on the mattress reviews list of most popular mattresses. Some of its distinguishing features have been listed below.

• Price – $999
• Firmness – 3 – Very Soft, 6 – Medium Firm, 8 – Firm
• Type – Coil, Hybrid, Pillow-top
• Materials – Pocketed Coils
• Height – 12″
• Trial – 100-120 Nights
• Warranty – 15 Years

A hybrid mattress, as per several mattress reviews, Leesa is considered to be the current favorite quite loved by the consumers. The mattress’s construction comprises of layered foams and a cover. The Leesa mattress is designed not only to provide airflow and cooling, but also boasts of great comfort and firmness.
The popular specifications of the mattress have been listed below.
• Price – $865
• Firmness – 6 – Medium Firm
• Type – Foam
• Materials -Avena Foam, Memory Foam
• Height – 10″
• Warranty – 10 Years

The newest one to join the competition, Yogabed is available online only. Yogabed is constructed without using ozone depleters, minus formaldehyde, Without PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals and with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The mattress sleeps cool and does not have the consumers’ complaint of heat retention during the night.
The specifications that help them stay high up in the mattress reviews have been listed below
• Price – $775
• Firmness – 6 – Medium Firm
• Type – Foam
• Materials – Memory Foam,and polyfoam
• Height – 10″
• Warranty – 10 Years

Nature’s sleep mattress
Nature’s Sleep’s emerald gel memory foam bed is a matchless mattress curated for stomach sleepers. The construction of the mattress along with the foam layers provide an ideal sleeping experience for people who sleep on their stomach, thus improving body posture, and also reducing pressure on your breathing.
Specifications have been listed below.
• Price – $350
• Firmness – 7 – Slightly Firm, 8 – Firm
• Type – Foam
• Materials – Memory Foam
• Height – 12″
• Warranty – 20 Years

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