How to Buy the most Suitable Plasma TV

Are you confused by which plasma TV to purchase? There are a lot of products in different styles, sizes, models, screens and manufactures to meet your viewing needs. In such a situation, getting confused is quite natural. Plasma television technology can be described as highly superior compared to conventional televisions. They allow you to enjoy high resolution DTV and HDTV signals with outstanding color precision.

You can associate wide screen ratio with plasma televisions and they help you watch your most favorite movies in cinema format by enjoying the comfort of your home. These TVs are thin and the space saving design offers excellent installation options that you could never imagine. Here are a few steps that you need to follow the plasma television that fits your needs:

Screen size is a top consideration: The screen size of the plasma TV ranges from 32 inches to 63 inches. The most common sizes available in the TV sale market include 62 inches, 50 inches and 42 inches. LCD panel technology is employed in plasma TVs that are smaller than 37 inches and rear projection is employed in models that are above 63 inches.

Viewing area and room size: Plasma TV sale is skyrocketing and when you choose a plasma TV screen size, you need to consider the size of the room and viewing area. It is easy to get tempted by the bigger sizes, but it is critical that you have proper viewing space between the screen and yourself to have a realistic viewing experience. If the seating area comes around 6 to 10 feet from the screen, you can select plasma TVs with 32 to 37 inch screen size. A 42 inch plasma TV is good when you have space between 10 and 14 feet. As the size of the screen increases, you need more space between the screen and yourself to have the highest viewing pleasure and also narrow down the best product from TV sale options.

Consider the screen resolution: Another vital element to analyze is the plasma television resolution. High definition plasma screens cost is more compared to enhanced definition EDTV plasma TVs. It is mainly because of the fact the components are expensive and the manufacturer needs to spend more money to make the components.

HDTV plasma screens offer excellent picture quality, but it is found out that EDTV plasmas perform in a more efficient way when making use of low end video signal such as DVD, satellite or regular cable. HD plasma televisions are graded according to the pixel ratio. For a standard EDTV resolution, resolution is 853/480 and it can be found on plasma screens between 37 inches and 46 inches. When it comes to 50 to 63 inch screens, the pixel ratio is 1024/ 768.

A plasma screen is regarded as HD when the second number in pixel ration stands higher than 720. Most plasma screens are being branded as HDTV ready or compatible suggesting that they are capable of accepting and displaying HDTV signal. You must realize that that it does not necessarily suggest that every model comes with a built in high definition tuner.

One of the most attractive advantages of plasma television is its diverse mounting options. Prior to purchasing a new plasma screen from a TV sale sale, you have to assess different types of installation and mounting choices available. The most popular and affordable option is the flat wall mount and it offers a sleek sophisticated appearance. If you want to mount in a location above your eye level such above a fireplace, you need to think an articulating plasma wall mount or a tilt.

The recent trends suggest that Plasma TV sales are increasing at a rapid pace and these are some of the aspects you need to consider while planning to buy plasma TVs.

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