Here’s why Jitterbug cell phones are the best option for seniors

It is an accepted fact that cell phones are a very vital part of modern life. These types of devices have replaced landlines, and they have redefined the way people communicate. The cell phone industry has grown into a billion-dollar industry, and the carriers and manufacturers have been coming up with a lot of devices and programs to meet the needs of all ages including senior citizens.

Jitterbug is the trendsetter
With the launch of Jitterbug cell phone as a simple device for the elderly people, many mobile phone manufacturers realized the market potential of cell phones for senior citizens. With the aim of tapping the potential of the senior citizen market, different mobile phone carriers have introduced programs and cell phones for senior people. The cell phones and programs designed for senior citizens also benefit differently-abled people because both these categories are suffering from similar health problems like diminished senses and frail limbs.

Simple devices are the best ones for the seniors
What are the perfect cell phones for senior citizens? The elderly people usually need simple cell phones, and Jitterbug is the perfect example. The elderly section of the population would prefer basic phones that can be operated in an easy manner. Complicated cell phones become problematic for differently-abled people and senior people because these devices require complex instructions.

Large and distantly placed keys
You can find cell phones for seniors from Jitterbug with large keys to make life easier for a senior person. Senior people have feeble fingers, or they may have poor eyesight, so it is good to offer a device that allows them to dial by feel. It is the best one available for them. The keys should be easy to press so that their feeble fingers do not have to apply added force. The spacing of the keys should be kept apart to help the elderly select the correct key without any confusion.

Large screen and big fonts
A large screen is also a perfect feature of a cell phone designed for senior and differently-abled people. They must be able to see any information on the device easily. For this purpose, a large screen is necessary. If you look at stylish phones, they all come with small keys and these devices do not go well with the needs of the seniors. Large fonts are another important factor, and best products such Jitterbug come with large fonts would help elderly and disabled people see the letters or numbers on the screen.

Right size – Not too small or really big
The size of the handset is an important aspect. A small device is not a good option for senior people because they may find difficulty holding smaller versions. Very large phones are also not a good option due to the heaviness of the devices. That is where the importance of the right size comes in.

Durability aspect is a very important one
Good phones for seniors must be able to withstand the shock of being dropped multiple times. Senior people and differently-abled individuals may drop objects many times, and the cell phone should be able to function properly even if they drop it several times.

Those are some of the fundamental information to be kept in mind while searching for a cell phone for the elderly people and disabled individuals. These tips always help you take the best decision without making things complicated. Although several companies have come up with a lot of devices, jitterbug stands tall in the market, and a large number of senior citizens are making use of this device to meet their needs. Jitterbug is the trendsetter.

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