5 Popular Microwave Ovens To Cook Quick Meals

Microwave ovens have been an indispensable part of every kitchen. This appliance heats and cooks food using electronic, magnetic waves. The process of heating and cooking in a microwave oven is fairly quicker than cooking through any other means. All microwave ovens have a cooking power value that indicates how well the food will be cooked. Measured in Watts, the cooking power value greatly determines the size and price of your microwave oven.

If you want to cook full-fledged meals on a regular basis, buying a high-power microwave oven would meet all your cooking requirements. However, if you want to cook quick meal occasionally, a microwave oven with low power will work well. These ovens make meals in a jiffy without many hassles and are often quite easy to operate. Make sure you measure the size of the space available in your kitchen before you buy your oven. Here is a list of some of the popular brands of ovens that can cook quick meals:

  • GE Microwave Oven JES2051DN2WW: This GE microwave oven has been known to give very high performance. With a price range that is quite affordable, this oven is suitable for quickly cooking dishes like baked potatoes and mac and cheese. It has sensor cooking controls that can automatically adjust the time and power according to the quantity of food in the oven. This oven has a very easy-to-use control panel that makes the oven quite simple to operate. It is quite easy to clean as well. Just wipe the insides with a moist cloth. The oven has a turntable measuring 15- to 16-inches. So, you can cook lasagna and casseroles as well. It is priced at around $189.
  • Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SD681S: This countertop oven is made of stainless steel. It can also be used as a built-in oven. It can be used to defrost ground meat, bake potatoes, cook baked potatoes, etc. This oven has an internal capacity of 1.2 cubic feet. With a cooking power of 1200 Watts, it can quickly cook food without any hassles. It uses inverter technology that evenly cooks food. This oven has automatic sensors that adapt the power and timing according to the amount of food being cooked. It is priced at around $206.
  • Breville Quick Touch BM0734XL: This is one of the high-end options in this category of microwave ovens. Its features include 10 power levels, LCD screen display, and sensor controls. The power can be changed manually in the middle of a cooking cycle using a dial. The power value ranges from 10 percent to 100 percent. The sensor cooking controls automatically change the cooking time depending on the food being cooked. It is priced at around $250. The internal capacity of this microwave oven is 1.2 cubic feet.
  • Cuisinart Stainless Steel CMW100: This is a 1000-watt microwave oven. It has been rated as one of the best in making baked potatoes and defrosting ground beef. The internal capacity is 1.0 cubic foot. It has an LCD display with touchpad controls. This oven has a two-stage an automatic two-stage cooking function that defrosts food in the first stage and then cooks it. Other features include eight preset cooking options along with serving size options. The oven can be used to make popcorn, beverages, rice, baked potatoes, and also to bake.
  • GE Profile Stainless Steel Microwave PEM31SMSS: This countertop microwave oven from GE has a capacity of 1.0 cubic feet. It has sensor cooking controls that change the time and power according to the food being cooked. It also has an auto-defrost setting that sets the defrost time and power depending on the weight of the food being defrosted.
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